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    Elivery and care immediately after birth. how to get viagra on nhs prescription Complete atrioventricular canal defects often occur in children with down syndrome. Back to top what are the treatment options for atrioventricular canal defects? viagra for sale Complete atrioventricular canal defects require surgery, usually within the first two or three months of life. The surgeon will close the large hole with one or two patches. The patches are stitched into the heart muscle. As the child grows, the tissue grows over the patches. what is viagra used for in women The surgeon will also separate the single large valve into two valves and will reconstruct the valves so they are as close to normal as possible, depending on the child's heart anatomy. Partial atrioventricular canal defects also require surgery, whether it is diagnosed in childhood or adulthood. what is viagra used for in women The surgeon will patch or stitch the atrial septal defect closed, and will repair the mitral valve or replace it with either an artificial valve or a valve from a donated organ. buy generic viagra online After surgery, patients initially recover in the tabas cardiac intensive care unit (cicu) and then in the cardiac care unit as they improve. Back to top what kind of follow-up care is required for atrioventricular canal defects? Through age 18 a child who has had surgical repair of an atrioventricular canal defect will require life-long care by a cardiologist. Most children recover completely and won't need additional surgery or catheterization procedures. viagra canada online Our pediatric cardiologists follow patients until they are young adults, coordinating care with the primary care physician. Patients will need to carefully follow doctors' advice, including staying on any medications prescribed and, in some cases, limiting exercise. Sometimes children with an atrioventricular canal defect experience heart problems later in life, including irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) and leaky or narrowing valves. Medicine, additional surgery and/or cardiac catheterization may be required. Into adulthood we will help patients transition care to an adult congenital heart disease specialist. viagra online The philadelphia adult congenital heart center, a joint program of the children's hospital of philadelphia and the university of pennsylvania, meets the unique needs of adults who were born with heart defects. what is viagra used for in women Because of enormous strides in medicine and technology, today most children born with atrioventricular canal defects go on to lead productive lives as adults. Back to top contact the cardiac center at the children's hospital of philadelphia for a second opinion or for more information. cheap viagra online Reviewed by: alex davidson, md date: april 2009 print share contact us for a second opinion, cardiac referral, or for more information. qualifies viagra prescription 267-426-9600 to schedule an outpatient appointment. generic viagra canada 215-590-4040 contact us online get driving directions starting address your destination select a category main campus primary care specialty care select a location awards and honors best in the nation magnet award for nursing excellence legal terms. viagra time delay Enlaces